Weighing In

Five years ago in April I weighed in… at 206 pounds. I had noticed slowly the weight coming on and just kept going in life. My clothes were getting way too tight, I was eating way too much, and my blood pressure was getting way too high. Did any of that phase me? Not then. I saw pictures of myself and could not believe what I saw. I had always hated pictures of myself anyway, so I dismissed it. It was not until one day I was walking down the hall at work and I noticed something ahead of me bouncing across the carpet that it hit me. What the little bouncing object turned out to be was the button off of the pair of pants I was wearing.

I added on to the house that same year I hit my top weight and lost
30 pounds. I felt great. However, it was short lived as I put nearly all of it back on that winter and was back up to 196. Over the next three plus years I stayed active and lost weight and generally felt better, but I rarely saw the 180s again, all the while my blood pressure staying up.

Finally last summer I started jogging. I had never been able to jog as my knee would always hurt – had surgery at age 14. At first, could barely do a mile. Then the pain set in and I gave up jogging for about the 4th time in my adult life… just said I will not be able to do it with the pain. Then, it hit me. Push through it. The last time I pushed through it though I ended up with a cortisone shot as the pain was not simply present when I jogged, but so unbearable even just to walk that I was limping. However, something was different this time. Not only did I want to try again and push through it, but I was determined to do it and do it well.

I worked myself up to 2 miles slowly until September and still weighed in at 189. I made another change – I started eating healthier. I was never a junk food guy, but I just ate LOTS of food. At first, I cut back on the size of meals. Then I started choosing smarter meals. I kept jogging. I hit 180 pounds in the middle of the winter and was happy. Goal achieved.

Funny though as I did not stop there. I have not been trying to lose additional pounds, but I have kept jogging and now get to work out on occasion and am rarely eating out any more and it has made the biggest difference in the world. Proud to say that I weighed in today at 171 pounds, a weight less than I weighed nearly 15 years ago. Again, not in it for losing any additional weight, but I truly feel better than I have felt in a LONG LONG time.

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