Just Do It!

When most people here the motto, “Just Do It”, the immediately think it is so cliché or simply a reference to Nike’s Ad Campaign. However, when I said it today, I knew personally what it meant for me. You see, on April 1st I weighed in at 171 pounds, which was the least I had weighed in 15 years. I was running, getting in to pretty decent shape and actually felt the best I had felt in years, lowering my blood pressure, boosting my stamina, and just overall feeling much more energetic. However, when I weighed in today, I had gained 15 pounds in just under 3 months and have been experiencing headaches and have noticed my blood pressure creeping back up.

What happened is around May 9th I had to stop jogging. At that time I was at 173 pounds. Why would I just up and stop after hitting it so hard for a year? My knees had started hurting in March and then by mid-April, after running I could barely walk and could hardly get out of bed the next morning. They were hurting so bad that I cut back drastically and then had to stop jogging all together. I could not umpire after jogging and I feared I could not even get out on the field and coach either sons’ baseball team. However, the pain was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, and that’s coming from someone who had their meniscus torn and who had arthroscopic surgery to repair that tear nearly 23 years ago. Several told me that they thought it was IT Band syndrome based on my symptoms and from what I had read, it sounded to be so. I was thankful that it did not appear to be another tear , especially a

ligament tear. Went and finally saw the doctor in June and he gave me some exercises, but I was still coaching and umpiring so much that I did not want to risk it. Oddly, as long as I did not jog umpiring did not bother me at all, even though some games would lead to 350+ squats calling balls and strikes.

So anyway, back to today. I was tired of feeling how I had begun feeling and watching my stomach expand once again, my belt tighten, headaches creep in almost daily, and my knees ache to go up and down the steps. So I thought to myself, just do it. I was going to run no matter if it hurt or not. Of course, I was not going to go out and destroy my body totally, but I set a goal to go for 20 minutes, this being the first run in 84 days. In that time, I was able to cover a respectable 2.19 miles and afterwards, could still walk with little pain. Sitting here now I am pain free and smiling, knowing that I will be able to hit the pavement in a couple of days again, working my way back up over 4 miles and hopefully back under 180 pounds in the next few weeks.

If you want something bad enough, take control, get out there, and just do it, if anything, for yourself!

Here is also thinking about a good friend of mine in Arizona who just had the same type of surgery I had this past Friday. Hope he is up and running in no time!

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