The Big “D” and… Kids

Nothing can prepare someone for delivering the news to their kids that you are divorcing their mother, nor is there anything that can prepare a child that this type of news is coming. Sure, signs will most likely be everywhere, but if that is all they have ever known and they believe in prayer and […]

Have a Nice Day Sir!

When the young man who uttered this phrase to me said it, he had no way of knowing what it would bring forth in terms of this post. What was said innocently and prompted by requirement made me think about the events that transpired before it and around me daily. You see, it was this […]

20 Years at Marshall… Time for some Thank Yous

I was sitting here tonight and it hit me that Monday marks the start of my 20th fall semester at Marshall University. Twenty years is a long time, more than half of my life, and when I started thinking about everything I have been able to do and accomplish in those twenty years, I thought […]

Just Do It!

When most people here the motto, “Just Do It”, the immediately think it is so cliché or simply a reference to Nike’s Ad Campaign. However, when I said it today, I knew personally what it meant for me. You see, on April 1st I weighed in at 171 pounds, which was the least I had […]

Weighing In

Five years ago in April I weighed in… at 206 pounds. I had noticed slowly the weight coming on and just kept going in life. My clothes were getting way too tight, I was eating way too much, and my blood pressure was getting way too high. Did any of that phase me? Not then. […]

Falling Out of the Sky

For those of you who know me, you know that I get nervous about flying. I know it is a convenient way to travel since you can get there quick, not have to worry about driving, traffic, or all of the other idiots on the road, but it is the fact that many people survive […]

Who needs the BCS when you have the NCAA Super Rankings

For years I had wanted to create my own NCAA football poll, and in 2006, I finally did so, naming the site the NCAA Super Rankings. I love numbers and have always tinkered with formulas, rankings, etc. In 2006 I set out to create a poll that is based on a mathematical formula that would […]


Let me first say that it’s been a long time since my last post after trying to stay active. Let’s just say that life sometimes gets in the way and causes changes in even the best laid plans. So I’ve had this thought for a couple of weeks now and wanted to express how it […]

Infinite vs. Duet

To probably 99.5% of the population, the title of this blog makes no sense. However, to probably 10% of my friends list on Facebook, it makes perfect sense and maybe even makes some shudder. Both are graphics generator packages for television production. Infinite was related by Chyron sometime in the late 80s and Duet is […]

Wanting What You Cannot Have

Has there ever been anything in your life that you have wanted but you know that you cannot have at that moment, but even so, the sensation of wanting that thing will not go away? I’m in one of those moods today. I’m usually pretty good at being a realist but I simply cannot shake […]